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 Welcome to Bill's Playhouse (BPH for short). Please read this friendly disclaimer before viewing my photos:

      This website is not for everyone. The theme of the site is crime scene simulations (similar to what you see on television and in movies), with an all female cast. The inspiration for my work are detective magazine covers i first saw as a kid in the early 1970's.If you are old enough to remember those magazines, or are a fan of crime shows and horror movies, chances are you will like the material here. However if crime shows, horror movies, and detective mags are not your thing, it is very likely that you will be offended by the images on this site, in which case you should do everyone a favor and exit now.

  My work is strictly PG (no violence or nudity).Please note that these photos are simulations, not actual crime scenes.Everyone here is posing and acting. I have worked with hundreds of models and none of them have ever been injured while shooting photosets for Bill's Playhouse.

    Please keep in mind that i shoot these sets in my free time with a digitial camera, and more important that this is intended to be a fun website for like minded people. As a result everyone who works with me has a good time, though the photos may not be as realistic (or high quality) as some people would like them to be.

  All images and content on this website are copyright material (BP Productions) and may not be used without my consent or permission.

  Bill's Playhouse is updated several times a week. Please check all of the pages (twenty one total) to view it's content-the "New Homepage" to see photos from our most recent sets,the models pages to see all of our talented ladies, "Themes and Costumes" is where i incorporate suggestions from the models and friends of the site, and the "Out takes" page shows the girls having some fun. There is also an FAQ page that should answer any questions you may have about my work and the website, as well as a recently revised "Purchasing and Ordering " page for anyone who wishes to do buisness with the site.

  The latest additions are the "Model of the Year",  "Hall of Fame", and "Honorable Mention" pages, to honor our ten year anniversary in 2015.

Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.

Copyright BP Productions. All rights reserved.

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